Hello Friends!

Unfortunately due to the political climate in our United States, Wormrot had no choice but to cancel their entire US tour, including 1Fests. D.I.Y. spaces are a dying breed and if anything has become clear to us, it is that the need for events, gatherings, and outlets for our underground culture to represent itself is higher than ever, however the powers that be want to keep us from uniting. Booking shows/fests is always a challenge and we hope that soon in the future this country will be more inclusive and accepting of foreign creative talent. We have been told that in the near future Wormrot will be trying to come back to the US, so we will keep everyone updated on that process! Needless to say there have been a few changes to the 1Fest Summer Schedule:

1Fest Phoenix will not be held at a D.I.Y. Space known as Wallstreet Warehouse. Tickets are on sale however the address to the venue will be posted as "Ask A Punk", please use our online Contact form for more information.

1Fest LA will now feature East Coast PV rippers Scapegoat and will still be located at Los Globos, this lineup may have an addition so keep your eyes out for the prize. 

1Fest Oakland will be headlined by PV legends INFEST, Scapegoad, and the infamous Gehenna.

Thank you so much for your patience, your love and support, and for "Doing It Ourselves"

- 1Fest Crew