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New York City - Friday January 27

w/ AC x DC, Cloud Rat, Backslider, Die Choking, Escuela, Goolagoon, Grindmother, Death Vacation, + Sick Shit

Doors @ 7 - The Silent Barn


Syracuse - Saturday January 28

w/ AC x DC, Cloud Rat, Die Choking, Escuela, Goolagoon, Grindmother, Dyalisis, Meth Mouth, Street Feet, Media Limits, Hallucination Realized, + Zooters

Doors @ 2 - The Warehouse


Boston - Sunday January 29

w/ SIEGE, AC x DC,  Cloud Rat, Die Choking, Escuela, Goolagoon, Grindmother, Ascend/Descend, Suffer on Acid, Lunglust, + D-Sagawa

Doors @ 3 - Hardcore Stadium

JUNE 2017

Mesa, Arizona - Friday June 2

w/  Backslider, Escuela, Sick/Tired, God's America, Fissure, Deadbeat, Burnout

@ Wallstreet Warehouse


Los Angeles - Saturday June 3

w/ Eyehategod, Scapegoat, Sick/Tired, Mellow Harsher, Backslider, Fissure, Escuela, Calafia Puta, God's America, Cave State, Concussive,  Deadbeat, Momentum, Traitor, Concilio Cadaverico


@ Los Globos


Oakland - Sunday June 4

w/Eyehategod, Infest, Scapegoat, Gehenna, Backslider, Sick/Tired, Mellow Harsher, Brain Oil, Gehenna, Escuela, Concussive, God's America, Scum Human, Fissure, Deadbeat, Connoisseur, Invertebrate, Dead Pressure, Bob Plant


@ Oakland Metro Opera


Portland- Friday June 9

Backslider, Escuela, Savage, Big Idiot, Cliterati, RKC, Family Vacation, Snakes, BadxMouth, Disease, SpeedWitch, Ruined It, Why Won't You Die, Brown Note

and more


@ Bossanova Ballroom